Daily Life

Don’t let your fashion choices define your daily life. I still maintain a pretty lucrative and satisfying career as a legal aid at http://www.neworleanschamber.org/list/member/wetzel-law-firm-gulfport-12195 and manage to find ways (like the witchy accessories) to keep my private life/attire private with glimpses. I find that having a workplace duality (I am good at my job and professional / my private life is fascinating) keeps things from becoming dull.


It is possible to be both business casual AND possessing of a personality, do not let the corporate drones surrounding you convince you otherwise. It’s all about accessories. Put on four while you get dressed, take off two right before you leave the house.


I set myself a baseline black – I buy inexpensive and well-fitted black slacks and black blazers. Then I buy some shell tops in whatever colors/patterns I like knowing that they’ll be mostly obscured. This is the canvas upon which I’m then able to subtly display personality and behaviors via accessories and inclinations. Whether I’m feeling pin-uppy and want to wear a little bandanna bow on the top of my head, witchy wearing a scarab pendant and black nails and pointy boots, hip hop with slouchier slacks and a knit cap etc, I can do these things in a professional environment without feeling like I’m being seen as childish or less serious.

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