Witching Hour

Dressing witchy is more than just a Stevie Knicks Halloween costume, but that’s a great place to start! I have lots of witchy accessories – scarves, jewelry, capes, boots, tights, etc – but I usually just wear one at a time. I go to work in slacks, a blouse, a blazer…. accessorized with black fingernails and a gold scarab pendant. I dress for work like a witch in disguise. Last year for Halloween, I just layered all of my witchy wears and a good friend Tom noted that I looked like I was dressed up for Halloween as myself. The TRUE ME I guess. (For a spell anyway!)


Dressing in a witchy fashion is more than just wearing black capes and spiders – it involves being respectful of the modern incarnation of witchy culture: wicca. Wicca is contemporary paganism and much more than just a fashion statement, but goddamn the fashion statement is good. Think The Craft, think Willow Rosenberg, think Fairuza Balk.


Wicca has great respect for and relationship with the natural world – the moon, magic, gods, goddesses, and the five elements: spirit, water, air, fire, and earth. Everything we wear when performing Wicca must respect one of these tenants.


This topic is not for THIS blog, but an apartment decorated in the Wiccan tradition would also be a beautiful experiment!

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