Trendy Clothes on a Budget

When most of us think about cheap clothing, the term poor quality comes to mind. This is not the case necessarily, though. You merely need to know the best places to shop. We have all been to stores where the clothes are made of cheap quality materials that don’t last very long. In this article, I will be focusing on other types of clothes that are inexpensive yet made with quality materials.

One of my favorite places to shop are the upscale second hand shops. Many of these shops only carry items that are designer clothes and jewelry from the best stores. These stores purchase the items from the community and markup the prices for the consumers. Going to these shops, you can buy some really nice, high quality clothes without hurting your wallet.

Another place to look are vintage shops. These shops will normally carry specialty items that are popular with the teen and college aged crowd. There are normally selections from every decade represented, with some items from as far as the nineteenth century. Most of these vintage shops will also have a wide array of jewelry, hats, shoes, and other popular accessories.

One of the more popular places to shop for cheap clothing are thrift stores. There are many great quality clothes that can be found there. For example, I once found a full length, high quality leather coat for only $10 at a thrift store. It was cheap on the wallet, but quality enough that I could wear it out for my New Year’s festivities. Most thrift stores will also carry shoes, accessories, and jewelry. In some cases, you can even find socks or pantyhose at a thrift store as well. Beyond that, you can find other items like furniture, bedspreads, and books at a thrift store, unlike at a vintage or second hand shop.

Once you are good at finding the right clothes, at the right prices, you can consider setting up a store front to sell them. I did that for years, but eventually had to close the store because it was becoming too overwhelming for me to manage it. I just saw this post about project management software that I wish was around when I was trying to run my business!

If you are into high quality clothing without the high prices, any of these options may be for you. You can enhance your wardrobe with pennies on the dollar and no one will be the wiser.

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