The Gothic Style

The Gothic culture is a sub culture that was more prominent several years ago but is still active today. It is a movement brought about by people looking for individualism and the desire to be different from the norms of society. Many people who think of Gothic think about medieval times or even those who worship Satan. Though this may be true of some people that dress Gothic, it is not so for most people that fall into this category. Gothic dressers, instead, come from a lot of different backgrounds and lifestyles. The industry of Gothic clothing has become big business here in the United States and those who manufacture the clothing are seeing big profits.

Gothic Punk is one kind of clothing that seems to be popular among the teen crowds. Teens wearing this clothing tend to do so to fit in with other teens or to show their individualism. The attire for this group tends to be t-shirts and a wide variety of jewelry. Punk and Gothic clothing has been referred to as the Hippie rebellion of this generation. There are some clothing stores online for Gothic clothing, such as Victorian Gothic and Dark Angel Gothic. There is clothing for all body types and ages in the Gothic clothing style. Online sales make up the biggest percentage of Gothic clothing sales.

There are many people from the older generation that are also delving into the Gothic look. They tend to wear black as the dominant color, wear sensual cuts of clothing, and have mysterious accent colors. Low neckline dresses and thigh high boots are also popular with this crowd. There is a Gothic Medieval clothing line for this group of Gothic clothing lovers as well. Unfortunately, many times this group of adults are stereotyped as prostitutes and drug users. This is no more true than any other group of people. The style is merely and expression of their personality and nothing more.

There is another group of people that also tend to love Gothic clothing. These people are the ones that use the style for their sexual fantasies. There are a lot of types of clothing that fit this bill, such as leather teddies, bustiers, corsets, and other sensual clothing

Regardless of the reason for dressing Gothic, there are a lot of avenues to find the clothing that works best with your personality and style.

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