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Daily Life

Don’t let your fashion choices define your daily life. I still maintain a pretty lucrative and satisfying career as a legal aid at and manage to find ways (like the witchy accessories) to keep my private life/attire private with

Witching Hour

Dressing witchy is more than just a Stevie Knicks Halloween costume, but that’s a great place to start! I have lots of witchy accessories – scarves, jewelry, capes, boots, tights, etc – but I usually just wear one at a

Finding Hip Hop Urban Clothing for Your Budget

We all know that dressing in fashion Hollywood style is expensive and only the rich can afford to do so. This is changing, though, as the hip hop urban clothing is becoming easier for the masses to afford. Many online

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Trendy Clothes on a Budget

When most of us think about cheap clothing, the term poor quality comes to mind. This is not the case necessarily, though. You merely need to know the best places to shop. We have all been to stores where the

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The Gothic Style

The Gothic culture is a sub culture that was more prominent several years ago but is still active today. It is a movement brought about by people looking for individualism and the desire to be different from the norms of

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Buying Clothing Online

The clothing you wear says a lot about who you are. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy designer clothing with its high prices, but it is more important to purchase clothes that fit your body best. This is

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