Daily Life

Don’t let your fashion choices define your daily life. I still maintain a pretty lucrative and satisfying career as a legal aid at http://www.neworleanschamber.org/list/member/wetzel-law-firm-gulfport-12195 and manage to find ways (like the witchy accessories) to keep my private life/attire private with glimpses. I find that having a workplace duality (I am good at my job and professional / my private life is fascinating) keeps things from becoming dull.


It is possible to be both business casual AND possessing of a personality, do not let the corporate drones surrounding you convince you otherwise. It’s all about accessories. Put on four while you get dressed, take off two right before you leave the house.


I set myself a baseline black – I buy inexpensive and well-fitted black slacks and black blazers. Then I buy some shell tops in whatever colors/patterns I like knowing that they’ll be mostly obscured. This is the canvas upon which I’m then able to subtly display personality and behaviors via accessories and inclinations. Whether I’m feeling pin-uppy and want to wear a little bandanna bow on the top of my head, witchy wearing a scarab pendant and black nails and pointy boots, hip hop with slouchier slacks and a knit cap etc, I can do these things in a professional environment without feeling like I’m being seen as childish or less serious.

Witching Hour

Dressing witchy is more than just a Stevie Knicks Halloween costume, but that’s a great place to start! I have lots of witchy accessories – scarves, jewelry, capes, boots, tights, etc – but I usually just wear one at a time. I go to work in slacks, a blouse, a blazer…. accessorized with black fingernails and a gold scarab pendant. I dress for work like a witch in disguise. Last year for Halloween, I just layered all of my witchy wears and a good friend Tom noted that I looked like I was dressed up for Halloween as myself. The TRUE ME I guess. (For a spell anyway!)


Dressing in a witchy fashion is more than just wearing black capes and spiders – it involves being respectful of the modern incarnation of witchy culture: wicca. Wicca is contemporary paganism and much more than just a fashion statement, but goddamn the fashion statement is good. Think The Craft, think Willow Rosenberg, think Fairuza Balk.


Wicca has great respect for and relationship with the natural world – the moon, magic, gods, goddesses, and the five elements: spirit, water, air, fire, and earth. Everything we wear when performing Wicca must respect one of these tenants.


This topic is not for THIS blog, but an apartment decorated in the Wiccan tradition would also be a beautiful experiment!

Finding Hip Hop Urban Clothing for Your Budget

We all know that dressing in fashion Hollywood style is expensive and only the rich can afford to do so. This is changing, though, as the hip hop urban clothing is becoming easier for the masses to afford. Many online stores have make those fashions easier to access for anyone. One such store is known as Hip Hop Honeys. They can bring you Timberland Boots while you sit comfortably in your own home.

Hip Hop Honeys also carries Ed Hardy Clothing, popular with the Hollywood celebrities, and other high end items. The products they offer are affordable for the commoners like you and I. As an example, you can get an Ed Hardy shirt for a woman for about $65, a value that is in line with other high end clothing stores. The best part about shopping at Hip Hop Honeys, though, is that you never have to step out of your house to shop there. Just make your selection online and it will be shipped directly to your door.

Stores like Hip Hop Honey have built up a great system for distributing their items, making conducting business with them seamless. Many times, when you shop these stores, shipping within the United States is free. The important thing is to check out many of the hip hop stores around to find the best deals and what exactly you are looking for. Hip Hop Honeys is one great stop for finding the Hollywood styles, as it is one of my favorites, but there are also other shops around that may better suit your needs.

With the growth of online stores, finding the best hip hop urban clothing to fill up your wardrobe is not easier than ever. The best part is, as you shop around online, you will often find huge discounts in the stores because of overstocking. Many of these places will also offer discounts over the holidays and on special events. Because of this, you can find the best clothes at the best prices and keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket.

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Trendy Clothes on a Budget

When most of us think about cheap clothing, the term poor quality comes to mind. This is not the case necessarily, though. You merely need to know the best places to shop. We have all been to stores where the clothes are made of cheap quality materials that don’t last very long. In this article, I will be focusing on other types of clothes that are inexpensive yet made with quality materials.

One of my favorite places to shop are the upscale second hand shops. Many of these shops only carry items that are designer clothes and jewelry from the best stores. These stores purchase the items from the community and markup the prices for the consumers. Going to these shops, you can buy some really nice, high quality clothes without hurting your wallet.

Another place to look are vintage shops. These shops will normally carry specialty items that are popular with the teen and college aged crowd. There are normally selections from every decade represented, with some items from as far as the nineteenth century. Most of these vintage shops will also have a wide array of jewelry, hats, shoes, and other popular accessories.

One of the more popular places to shop for cheap clothing are thrift stores. There are many great quality clothes that can be found there. For example, I once found a full length, high quality leather coat for only $10 at a thrift store. It was cheap on the wallet, but quality enough that I could wear it out for my New Year’s festivities. Most thrift stores will also carry shoes, accessories, and jewelry. In some cases, you can even find socks or pantyhose at a thrift store as well. Beyond that, you can find other items like furniture, bedspreads, and books at a thrift store, unlike at a vintage or second hand shop.

Once you are good at finding the right clothes, at the right prices, you can consider setting up a store front to sell them. I did that for years, but eventually had to close the store because it was becoming too overwhelming for me to manage it. I just saw this post about project management software that I wish was around when I was trying to run my business!

If you are into high quality clothing without the high prices, any of these options may be for you. You can enhance your wardrobe with pennies on the dollar and no one will be the wiser.

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The Gothic Style

The Gothic culture is a sub culture that was more prominent several years ago but is still active today. It is a movement brought about by people looking for individualism and the desire to be different from the norms of society. Many people who think of Gothic think about medieval times or even those who worship Satan. Though this may be true of some people that dress Gothic, it is not so for most people that fall into this category. Gothic dressers, instead, come from a lot of different backgrounds and lifestyles. The industry of Gothic clothing has become big business here in the United States and those who manufacture the clothing are seeing big profits.

Gothic Punk is one kind of clothing that seems to be popular among the teen crowds. Teens wearing this clothing tend to do so to fit in with other teens or to show their individualism. The attire for this group tends to be t-shirts and a wide variety of jewelry. Punk and Gothic clothing has been referred to as the Hippie rebellion of this generation. There are some clothing stores online for Gothic clothing, such as Victorian Gothic and Dark Angel Gothic. There is clothing for all body types and ages in the Gothic clothing style. Online sales make up the biggest percentage of Gothic clothing sales.

There are many people from the older generation that are also delving into the Gothic look. They tend to wear black as the dominant color, wear sensual cuts of clothing, and have mysterious accent colors. Low neckline dresses and thigh high boots are also popular with this crowd. There is a Gothic Medieval clothing line for this group of Gothic clothing lovers as well. Unfortunately, many times this group of adults are stereotyped as prostitutes and drug users. This is no more true than any other group of people. The style is merely and expression of their personality and nothing more.

There is another group of people that also tend to love Gothic clothing. These people are the ones that use the style for their sexual fantasies. There are a lot of types of clothing that fit this bill, such as leather teddies, bustiers, corsets, and other sensual clothing

Regardless of the reason for dressing Gothic, there are a lot of avenues to find the clothing that works best with your personality and style.

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Buying Clothing Online

The clothing you wear says a lot about who you are. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy designer clothing with its high prices, but it is more important to purchase clothes that fit your body best. This is why it is important to know how to find the clothing that fits you right and how to wear it. Most of the time, you can find what you are looking for online. By buying online, you can ensure you get what you want at the right price.

The savings don’t stop there, though. The online stores not only have great clothing you can buy direct, making it easy and quick, but you also have the ability to read reviews to see what others say about it. You can usually find others with a similar body type as you in the reviews that can tell you better about how it fits.

Ordering clothing online is one of the easiest ways of shopping for clothing. If you need help with figuring out how a certain brand will fit you, the sites normally offer an individual brand sizing chart to help. Each clothing company may size their clothing differently. You may find that, even though you buy the same size from different companies, some may tend to run too big or too small. If you have ordered from that company before, though, you will know how to order best from them. Otherwise, read the reviews on how they tend to fit before you order. By ordering online, you can shop then pay for your order, then just sit back and wait for the clothes to show up on your doorstep. It is much quicker and less expensive, so you can’t go wrong with ordering online.

When you are buying clothing, remember that it isn’t just about what clothes you wear, but how you wear them. Generally, when you buy online, you will see a wide array of clothing and how they are best worn. Most clothing companies will tell you tricks and tips to best wear their clothing so you will look great.

Regardless of your clothing style, buying online is a great way to purchase with ease and save you money. Just be sure to read the reviews if you have not purchased from the company in the past so you know what to expect.

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